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26 Feb 2015

Hello to all my Customers and Friends:

I have been researching latest trends. I think we are at a very interesting time in the precious metal arena. Most of the analysts have predicted Gold as high as $1225-50 by the end of the first quarter. I agree. With the economy not producing the numbers that were expected, I think Gold will be tested around the $1220 range and then pop through the barrier to the predicted levels.

Despite downside risks to the gold market, I remain optimistic that prices will continue to stabilize this year.  There is continued demand and not many people selling! Due to a slower start of the economy than anticipated will possibly shift expectations of when the Fed will be able to hike interest rates. I have some other interesting trends to share. Please feel free to call or stop by.

As always, should you have any precious metals or coins to sell no one will give you more than Gold Traders America.




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